Special Chair for Turfgrass Sciences: Mission
By developing and disseminating knowledge, the Special Chair for Turfgrass Sciences aims to contribute to a better understanding of the soil-water-plant systems in turfgrass sports fields.

Special Chair for Turfgrass Sciences: Vision
Soccer and golf are popular sports in the Netherlands and both are played on turf.
Approximately 1.7 million people play soccer in about 4,800 soccer clubs; they use over 10,000 hectares of soccer fields, approximately 500 ha of which is artificial turf.
Approximately 380,000 people play golf on over 200 golf courses. An average 18-hole golf course covers an area of approximately 60 hectares. In the Netherlands, the surface area of the holes is estimated to be around 6,000 hectares.
The quality of the turf on which these outdoor sports are played is immensely important.

Current situation and developments
The entire sector considers the establishment of a Special Chair for Turfgrass Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands to be an important and necessary step towards meeting the unrelenting demands of the players, to anticipate developments in rules and regulations, to contribute to the expertise and applications in the domain of sustainable management, and to be able to more directly transfer and apply both the current knowledge and any newly-developed knowledge to the design and management of turfgrass sports fields.

Special Chair for Turfgrass Sciences: Objectives
  1. To educate students in Turfgrass Sciences at university level;
  2. To develop theoretical and practical knowledge with regard to monitoring and managing sports fields;
  3. To contribute to the cost-efficient and sustainable management of sports fields through an increase in knowledge;
  4. To advise sports field managers and greenkeepers, including the testing of current and new products and techniques for the maintenance and management of golf courses and soccer fields;
  5. To transfer knowledge to the sports field industry (sector organisations, golf course/soccer field operators, greenkeepers, contractors), scientific forums (students included), government authorities and the public.