Newsletter DTRF (TURF) - looking back at 2017

We would like to look back with you over the past year, during which a number of important events took place for the TURF (as of 1 January 2018 the new name for the DTRF). We also wish you, on behalf of the management and the back office, a healthy and happy 2018.

Change of name
On 1 January 2018, a name change took place. DTRF was changed into TURF (Turfgrass University Research Foundation).

Appointment of Professor
With the appointment of Professor Bernd R. Leinauer as Professor by special appointment for Turfgrass Ecology at Wageningen University, a significant step was taken by involving science in the research and development towards sustainable management and the construction of sports fields. Wageningen University searched worldwide for a suitable candidate who would meet the strict requirements in the fields of education and research. This was not easy. It is therefore really fortunate that Professor Leinauer (email: is both eminently capable and also willing to fill this exceptional position in Europe. Read more >>>

Knowledge Day
The first (DTRF) Knowledge day took place on 8 December in the Maitland theatre at Landgoed De Baak in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. It was a day in which knowledge and experiences were shared. The link between theory and practice also provided inspiration. ‘It is good that science has reached out towards practice today, as it were’, says Pieters Aalders, Chairman of DTRF and one of the people who made the appointment of the Professor possible. The presentations of the four speakers can be downloaded via this link.

Green symposium
The National Golf & Green Symposium, which took place on 7 December, has developed into an annually recurring day in which knowledge and experiences are shared. The good mix of theory and practice also provided considerable inspiration this year, too. With over 250 participants, the fifth edition of this symposium, a joint initiative by the NGF, NVG, NGA and DTRF, attracted more visitors than last year. Proof that the golf market has a strong need to exchange knowledge and experience in a time of transition. The report can be downloaded here.

Literature study
The scientific literature study ‘To identify alternatives for the use of chemical amenities on turfgrass systems' from Wageningen University is the first sub-study of the project: ‘Guidelines for Chemistry-free Turfgrass Sports Fields’ and for the Green Deal. The research will analyse which pests, diseases and weeds are common in turfgrass sports fields in the Netherlands, under what specific conditions they develop into unmanageable problems, under what conditions there are few, if any, problems, and what package of measures is available to deter, suppress and, where necessary, control them using fewer chemicals. The literature study and the summary can be downloaded via this link.
Appointment of PhD student Daniel Hahn to research weed control
On 1 September, Daniel Hahn MSc (GE) started doctoral research into the formation, prevention and sustainable control of weeds. On the one hand, the research focuses on allelopathy. This concerns research into inhibitory substances against weeds. In addition, the research focuses on the development of management strategies for improving plant health and increasing the allelopathic capacity of desired grasses. The investigation is expected to take four years, with progress and the stage of investigation being published regularly. The research will take place in the WUR laboratories and on sports fields and golf courses. Supervisors are, among others, Professor Bernd Leinauer and Professor Struik. The description of the research can be downloaded here.

Doctoral research Ian Ouwerkerk MSc and Daniel van der Kraats MSc, the influence of salinisation on golfcourses
IIn the autumn, research started on salinisation on golf courses and its impact on soil, water management and plant growth. Daniel van der Kraats will focus on soil and water management and Ian Ouwerkerk on the influence on grass species. A start has now been made on the construction of an extensive trial field at the International Golf Club. The study also includes the possible soil structures and soil composition of greens. The University of Twenthe is also involved in the study. Supervisors are, among others, Professor Coen Ritsema and Professor Bernd Leinauer. The investigation is expected to take at least four years. We will keep you informed of the progress and, in due course, will give interested parties an opportunity to visit the trial field.

Board changes
This year, a change took place in the DTRF's Board. Vice-Chairman Ms Marieke van Rhijn has resigned. She has been replaced by Maarten Delfortrie MSc. As a member of the Greens Committee at the Noordwijk GC, Maarten has carried out a great deal of research into the improvement of greens. Furthermore, at the end of February 2018, Pieter Aalders will hand over his Chairman’s gavel to Geert Ensing MSc (see photo). Geert graduated in Wageningen and was a Member and Chairman of the Rozenstein Golf Club in Wassenaar. Finally, emeritus Professor (Pierre) Wit (WUR) will play an advisory role within the DTRF. Among other things, he carried out research into molecular phytopatholgia, molecular communication between phytopathogenic fungi and their host plants and immune reactions in plants against fungi. He is also a member of the Greens Committee of Golfclub Heelsum.

For questions, please contact the TURF secretariat, Martijn Scholte. The email address is and the telephone number +31 6 24636640. The address details are given in the footnote below.

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